Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Social Networking in the Early Middle Ages

31 August – 2 September 2017
@ Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Networks of Knowledge (NoK) & Networks and Neighbours (N&N) – two projects dedicated to interrogating social and intellectual connectivity, competition and communication between people, places and things in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages – come together to bring you an international and interdisciplinary conference – NoK’s first and N&N’s fourth - on social networking in the Early Middle Ages.

The research of the conference will explore the existence, performance and sustainability of diverse scholarly, intellectual and material assemblages and topographies – networks – over a broad frame of reference. The temporal and geographical boundaries of the conference are, as of yet, flexible; they will be narrowed as the program selection and formation process progresses.

We will engage manuscripts, artifacts and, yes, theories across the course of five panels framed by two categories: people and history & ideas and society. The first references networks of scholars, thinkers, writers, and the social and political histories related to their productions. The second imagines the transmission of 'knowledge', as information, as rhetoric and dialectic, as object, and as epistemic grounding.

There will be two keynote speakers and four established moderators across five panels composed of two speakers, who will be either postgraduates or early career scholars. Eight to ten speakers will be chosen through a rigorous peer-reviewed selection process via the forthcoming CfP. The conference is entirely free and open to anyone, and all presenters will have their accommodation covered. Meals will be provided during the conference, and select travel costs will be reimbursed (more details in the CfP).

The results of the conference will be published by N&N, in association with NoK, as an open-access edited volume, subject to double-blind peer-review.

To register initial interest, suggest a paper or panel, or have questions please contact either Dr. Michael J. Kelly (for research before the 9th century) at: networksandneighbours@gmail.com or Dr. Sven Meeder at s.meeder@let.ru.nl (for research from the 9th century).